Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Movies I've watched in 2009 - March

Okay, so heres the list of lovely stuff I watched for march...dammit, don't you hate it when you lose said list.

19. Watchmen - Okay, I like this despite mixed reviews, it seems to be a love it/hate it kinda movie. I'll keep it short here as I've done a full review of this which I'll post soon.

20. The Nannie Diaries - I quite enjoyed this, I'm a Scarlet fan myself. I'd read the book of this so there were a few differences - more Harvard Hottie for one (which I'm so NOT complaining about) and the ending was changed slightly. Overall, I liked it Laura Linney was great as the tight laced/repressed/bitchy/perpetually cranky/slave driving Mrs X. I'm a fan of Paul Giamatti, but he seemed kinda wrong for the character of Mr. X - or at least what I had pictured in my head. The Grayer character was cute as, I'd happily watch this again.

21. Adrift - This is the sequal to Open Water, which was based on the US couple that was left behind on the Barrier Reef in QLD. This time it's a group of friends in the Bahamas (I think), who get stranded after they all end up in the water, without putting the ladder down on their yacht. This also comes with a 'based on a true story', which I ignored, because, really this is a cash cow movie that's riding on the back of the first movie. It has McSteamy from Grey's in it, and a cast of people I recognise - just not by name. I didn't mind the movie, I was expecting shark bouffet - but it was far from it, not a single shark was seen for the whole movie. It was actually not too bad. It was all psychological drama, with the characters going a bit funny one by one. It's all compounded by the main female lead being afraid of the water after watching her father drown when she was a little girl. I can't honestly say I'd ever watch it again, but for what it was I quite enjoyed it.

22. Devil Diary - This was crap - d grade crap, terrible acting, terrible plot, terrrible, terrible, terrible...and I loved it!! Two girls find a blank diary in a graveyard, Mayhem follows. One of the girls writes her angsty feelings of alienation and persecution by kids at school in the diary. She also writes that she wants the populary girl to break her legs and the next day it happens. The popular girls discover that it's the book that is the key to their friends being hurt, so they steal it - causing origianl angsty girl to have her debt collected (good ol' satan takes her soul).

23. Boondock Saints - One of my all time fave. movies. I loves it. Hot boys, action, good music, a zippy little story and Willem Defoe playing a gay detective with hilarious results. I'm glad to report there is a swqual in the works fingers crossed it also kicks ass. I love Sean P Flannery and Norman Reedus in their roles, they really bounce well off each other and seriously - HOT!!

24. Lost in Austen - This TV adaption was hilarious! I love the main character, she's been in a few things lately and is fantastic on screen. It's gret to see her bumble through the period world dressed in 'otter hunting kit' trying to fit into polite society (and failing terribly - snogging Mr. Bingley for one). The chemistry between Amanda and Mr. Darcy is palpable and when she asks him to do one thing for her (not going to spoil it for you -humena humena!!) I loved this and have already watched it again, along with my fave bits. My gripe for this is that my DVD didn't come with Amanda singing her version of 'Down Town', so I'm pissed bout that.

25. Dead Like Me - I had no idea that this was out yet, I'd seen it on IMDB, but sometimes things just don't click. Anyway, I like this for the most part. It's a follow on from the two seasons of the TV show - check it out it's fantastic! Rube is gone (which I don't like), they've replaced Daisy (which I definately don't like), but apart from that it's good, it does tie up some loose ends for fans - although the ending has been left open for another movie (yes please). George and Mason are my two fave characters. It's fully of the witty banter that we love from the series and as a stand alone, the unsuspecting viewer could easily follow the story.

26. 12 Rounds - John Cena is back and teamed with Renny Harlin - basically shit gets blown up, John Cena saves the day (and the dog - who is so cute!!) and does it all without breaking a sweat, bones, or an acting muscle. This is better then the Marine, in terms of his acting - but seriously when I went to see this I wasn't going for the movie, I was going to purve on the hot boy blowing shit up and in that case it delivers. The basic plot is that John's charcter is a cop that makes a big arrest, and the bad guy comes after him and takes his gf hostage and makes him go through '12 rounds' before he can have her back. Deep man, deep.

27. Nim's Island - This movie was a lot of fun, most people would remember this as a book. I had read it such a long time ago, I couldn't remember much of it when I watched it, but that's not a bad thing. Abigale Breslin was great, as far as precocious child actors are, she is one of the ones that annoys me the least - I loved her in Little Miss Sunshine. Jodie Foster was funny too, she often plays such serious characters, that it's nice to see her doing something different. Gerard Butler was handsome as usual and I liked the idea of the absent father playing the Alex Rider character. The actual island was beautiful, I'd happily live there and seriously how cute is that lizard!

28. Wanted - I'd seen this before, but I thought this kicked ass. Ole Mr. McEvoy was well spiffy and Angelina was hot as usual...I so totally turn and give her a good hand holding. I thought the action in this was fantastic, loved the car chase and it was just a little different, which always makes a noice change when watching a new movie.

Okay, I think that's all of 'em, quite enjoyed myself last month, I'm off to see Witch Moutain tomorrow night, looks good from where I'm standing.



  1. I loved Lost in Austen. Can you explain for me the "otter-hunting kit" joke? I'm lost on that one.

  2. It is such a great show! Brilliant performances all round. Because Amanda is dressed in modern clothing when she meets the Bennets and they comment on it she comes up with the outfit being 'otter hunting kit'.


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