Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Books I've read in 2009 - February

Way late on this one specially since it's the 1st of April today, but better late then never :) Here 'tis lovelies.

5. 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult - This was our book club book for Feb. I enjoyed it (as much as one can when it's all bout multiple murder). Picoult continues to write about events that happen in reality and sadly what's more real than a school shooting. I quite like the style of this book, it's told from Peter (shooter), Josie (shootee & Peter's friend from childhood), Lacy (Peter's Mum) & Alex (Josie's mum & Judge of the town of Stirling). There are a few other pov, but they are the main ones. It also goes back and forth through time, to highlight important events in Peter's childhood. It delves into why Peter chose a school shooting to deal with his bullies and some of the scenes where Peter is bullied are excruciating to read, you really feel for the character even though he's killed 10 kids. It's interesting to read the book from his pov and makes you ask, is that why these shooting's happen in real life? I'm not condoning the mass killing of bullies, I just think that it puts into perspective why these events happen. It highlights the real need for something to be done about bullying, rather than trying to sweep it under the rug or making light of a situation. I like Jodi's books in general, I also read another one of her books this month, it's up next. Plus seriously - how can you not love a book that mentions The Wiggles :)

6. Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult - This one is about an Amish girl that is put on trial for murdering her baby. I liked this one too, Picoult again uses the 'in the past' tool again to tell the story of (forgive my mental blank, I can't remember her name), and how she met the father of her baby. The basic premise of the story is that as an Amish person wouldn't be capable of murder (which I don't buy), imo everyone is capable of murder, regardless - thankfully, the majority of us never have to cross that moral dilemma. KATIE!! That's her name, I'm slow I know and there's tangents - it's all part of my charm :) Overall, it's a good story, I liked it and I'm slowly working my way through Jodi Picoult's books.

7. Dead Connection - Alafair Burke - Nasty murdery thrillery book, which I really enjoyed, this is the first I've read of this author and I'm so reading more!! There is also no way I'm ever joinging an online dating service now - which in the book is how the killer finds his victims. Kinda does for dating service, what Wolf Creek did for backpackers. lol. Tight little cop drama it was, I liked the authors style, apparently this got mixed reviews as it moved away from her Samantha Kincaid series, but meh I liked it anyway. The other weird thing (not really weird - just an interesting fact), Alafair Burke is James Lee Burke's daughter. Now I've blogged about writer's offspring picking up the pen before - I'm very sceptical of their 'talent'. I don't know if it didn't effect my judgement, just because I didn't realise 'til after I'd finished, or if it was actually good on it's own, but either way I liked it.

And that's it chums, I feel sadly lacking in the book reading department for Feb, but never fear - I more than make up for that in March. Until then, keep reading - it's good for you :)


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