Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Currently Reading | 06.10.15

 Since the WWWEdnesdays Meme that I used to participate in is no longer, (and I still haven't got into the swing of thins with the new format), I thought I'd share what I'm currently read and what I've got lined up to start next.

What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman

This one is for book club and tells the story of the Bethany Girls, who go missing from a shopping mall in the 70s and 20 odd years later a lady turns up claiming that she's the younger girl.  I'm enjoying it so far, it's an easy read compared to the last couple of non - fiction we've chosen.  I'm enjoying the writing style and I like that there are a few characters that the story unfolds around, (both in the past and present). I'm guessing there's a twist coming and I'm looking forward to discussing it later in the month. 

Priest by Sierra Simone

Hoo Boy - this one isn't for the faint of heart and possibly for the religious!  I'm guessing that this could and would cause offence.  This was a book that a lady I chat with on Twitter was reading and from her comments I was "I need to read this".  Tyler Bell aka Father Bell falls for one of his parishioners, Poppy. Lots of kink and WTFkery ensues. This is working for me as much as it isn't. Full review to come. 

Talking about WTF, I'm also reading Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber. I heard about this from a Book Thingo podcast. A double pronged penis that cleans up after itself!?!? What is this madness - I have no idea, but I'm about to find out. 

I finished reading The Dressmaker byRosalie Ham recently, she's going to be visiting our library next week.  Looking forward to meeting her and seeing what everyone else thought about the book. This has been made into a movie which I'm looking forward to - the costumes will be amazing. Tilley returns to town amid accusations and scandal from the past. 

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