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Book Review | Priest by Sierra Simone

PriestPriest by Sierra Simone
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hooly Dooly...Tyler isn't like any priest I've ever met. I think that's a good thing. This was one of those reads where I'd heard about it on the internet and decided I needed to read it, (much like dino porn - which lets be honest o.O I wasn't fully prepared for!!).

I like the general premise of the idea, who doesn't like a little forbidden love. But this fell flat, sure there was some hot smexy times, but I didn't particularly like Tyler or Poppy. I would've like more story with my smut.

I didn't believe Tyler's reason for becoming a priest and I didn't believe him as one, I thought he was a shitty priest actually. I don't know if it was lack of character development, his blatant flouting of the rules of the Priesthood, the breaking of trust with one of his parishioners - she may have been 'begging for it', but there are lines for a reason. Maybe it was all the f-bombs he was dropping or his annoying at times inner monologue. And seriously, what kind of priest is wanting to cram his dick in places he has no bid'ness putting it. Sure you might struggle with celibacy and impure thoughts, but you're a grownass man - self control people! Self. Control.

And for those who've read it, his use of props was kind of distasteful, I don't care how 'sacred' your sex is, or if you've had a 'religious experience' you're still just banging.Perhaps a little more respect, but that's just me. And the pet name - Lamb - ugh, I cringed each time I read that. So ick.

I get sometimes you want all the banging, but a little character development doesn't go astray. I don't think Tyler's inner monologue was sufficient in that respect. As for Poppy, what I took away from her character was that she was a poor little rich girl, who was bored with her life, chucked a tantrum because she didn't want to do the 'expected thing'. She was happy to be treated like shite (by her ex-bf mainly, but Tyler was an arse to her as well). And she liked sex. A lot.

I'm taking this as the sexy romp it was. I've read worse, but I've also read a whole lot better. The benchmark of any book - would I read another book by the author? Yes. Would I recommend this? Carefully. There's only three people I can think of that wouldn't look at me like I'm a complete degenerate after recommending this to them :)

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Until next time, happy reading :)


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