Friday, 7 March 2014

Check it out - What's in my library bag today? #1

So I think I'm going to try make this a weekly post - sharing some of the items that I've borrowed from my local library, (also the place I work).  I pretty much check something out everyday at work, and anyone who knows me IRL wouldn't be surprised by this.  New books are my kryptonite, (who am I kidding ALL books are my kryptonite!!), I see them and I get carried away, I need them and I need them now!

So here is a selection of what I've borrowed this week...

 The second season of Falling Skies.  This series is not without its issues, I mean surely an alien race with all the wizz bang would be able to find a bunch of resisting humans - even so I did enjoy the first season of this so I am looking forward to seeing what season two brings.  Extra points for Noah Wyle!

No One Lives - I knew next to nothing about this - I saw Luke Evans and was 'Yes please!'.  Here's the blurb from IMDb:

"A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem."
     ~ So I'm guessing the wealthy couple is going to open a can o' whoop ass on their kidnappers, hopefully they don't break the hotboy.

And lastly on the DVD front, Lost Girl season one.  I've already seen part of this season, I've enjoyed what I've watched and I'm looking forward to watching the rest.  I love Bo, she's a kick arse character and Dyson...mmm...lovely lovely hotboy.

I'm on a bit of a Bourdain bender at the moment and I've got pretty much everything I can get my hands, I'm making my way through the No Reservations series.  Which I love, he's so snarky, especially in the earlier series.  So I'm looking forward to Bone in the Throat.  It's fiction and tells the story of sous-chef Tommy who just wants to perfect his seafood chowder, but his mobster relatives have ideas on other uses for his kitchen.  I'm always bemoaning actors that decide to 'write' a novel, so it'll be interesting to see how this one goes.  Usually it's a celebrity putting out a cook book.

The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer was recommended by Cathy Maxwell at last years ARRA Conference, I've been meaning to read this since then - it's been a year - so I thought it was time to give it a go.  I've never read Heyer before, so I'm interested to see how I like her, especially after I've been reading more Regency romance lately.

Shooting Yourself by Haje Jan Kamps

This was in a magazine, I can't remember which one, but it looks like an interesting, tip filled read on how to make your selfies stand out.  Plus, it has the added bonus of introducing you to some awesome photographers you may not know about.

Super-cute Pincushions  by Kate Haxell.  I've been getting my craft on lately and I'm planning on making a hella cute pin cushion for my aunt, it's a felt cactus and I found some pretty heart shaped pins that I can use as red cactus fruit - I'll make sure I post a how-to when I finally finish it.  I think I saw this book in Homespun magazine maybe?  That's where the cactus is from,  I can't remember, but I'm looking forward to a cuppa and a sit down with this book.

That's it!  Checked out any gems from your library this week?  Have a recommendations?  Let me know below, you know how I love to talk books  :)

Have a wonderful weekend.


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