Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday Madness

I had big plans for bloggish stuff over the weekend, but between some kid wrangling and me not feeling my shiny best I didn't get to do anything - which is usually the way when I get my planning on.  But what did I find when I checked in this morning, some fantastic new followers - welcome, enjoy, feel free to comment and generally have a good time.

Beautiful things arrived in the post last Thursday, perfect for the mood I've been in the last few weeks.  The cute has come from Pretty Whimsical on Etsy.  The pendants are made using wooden scrabble pieces from the 40's and 50's.  I'm in lust at the moment, they're just so darn cute! 

I've been watching lots of period drama - the latest being the 2008 itv version of Wuthering Heights, with Tom Hardy portraying Heathcliff, he was so good, to me he nailed the character, thank goodness I was lying down - there was swoonage.  Today Wide Sargasso Sea came in for me so I'll get to snuggle on down with that tonight.  I've seen the '93 version before, but not the lastest version.  I'm so looking forward to Jane Eyre, which is coming out this month.  Hence me watching Wide Sargasso and hopefully I can get our bookclub to read Jane Eyre this month.

Here's the trailer...I just hope that it gets released in Australia the same time it does in the US.  It looks deliciously menacing.

So what's your favourite period drama?  Which adaption do you like the best?

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