Sunday, 5 July 2009

Blogging on my phone! Cept I can't get curser 2 go in main box dammit! So while this will be longest ever post title - I'll have to do rest @ work.

As promised here's the actual post, I played around a bit, but still couldn't get the cursor into this part, I also noticed I missed a couple of words in the excitement, but anywho, I loves my phone anyway. No buyers remorse for me - and yes, I did get an iPhone3Gs. Besides, I couldn't fit anymore words in there. I'm a little afraid to see how much data I used over the weekend, I got it friday night and was on it al over the weekend, putting apps on it - (seriously addicted to the bubblewrap game and toobs), good thing it was Independence Day in US, otherwise I never would have got off twitter, I'd be too busy chatting. So my guess is that I'll be stuck to it for some time to come, not only cause got a little lust happening for it, but cause I'm also still trying to work the damn thing out.

I was also going to add to my books to read list (which were photo's in my old phone - that I can't get to. Oh, it's a long and complicated road I travel). Anyway, here's what I remember, with clicky bits from Amazon cause I'm a lazy bitch:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Teen horror/action, part of series.
Generation Dead: Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters - Teen horror/romance with zombies YAY!!
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan - I saw this at work and liked the cover (yes I'm one of those people :)) AND...more zombies (it's also a teen title).
Thirteen Reasons Why Untamed (House of Night, Book 4) and Hunted (House of Night, Book 5) - Vampires this time, I've just finished the first one and quite enjoyed it, there are a few things that annoy me about the writing, hopefully it's fixed as the series goes on.

I had a bunch of others, but can't remember them, which is going to annoy me. But they'll turn up eventually I'm sure. But for now it's goodnight from me to you.


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