Thursday, 23 July 2009

Books I've read in 2009 - April

I haven't added my books I've read lately - only a few months behind, so here's Aprils. Be thrilled people, be thrilled!!

15. Poppy Shakespeare by ??? - This was a playaway, not sure if I would have finished it otherwise. It was actually a little annoying. The main character, known as 'N', narrates the story of how Poppy came to be at the mental health daycare centre. There was one thing that N said over and over which got annoying quickly. That said, this did have funny moments and the author describes the menagerie of characters so that they add to the story rather that detract. Overall, not a bad noivel, the ending is just depressing and really sad. It ended completely differently to what I was expecting.

16. Mavrick by Lora Leigh - Yay, new Lora was my first reaction. But I was actually a bit disappointed with this. It continues the Elite Ops series that has spun off from her Tempting SEALs series. Many of the reoccuring characters shor up in this. It continues and (sort of) conclues the back story of the kidnapping of Kari and Emily by her father and the beginning of the relationship between Kari and 'Mavrick', who wants to avenge his mothers death and the hands of Orion, who also had a hand in kidnapping the girls and is the new threat in Kari's life. It's safe to say that Leigh has a reoccuring theme that runs through her books - her leading men find redemption through the women they love, but it would be great to see her write something where this wasn't part of the story. I'm hoping that the Australian character that she has will steer clear of it, especially since he seems a bit frisky and rather happy go lucky. Personally for me, the best bit of the books - all for the wrong reasons mind you - was when he and Mavrick are talking about Mavricks 'stare' or as the skippy dude puts it - his 'Mossad facade' - absolute gold.
17. Marley & Me by John Grogan - This was April's book club book and I really enjoyed it, I guess everyone is able to relate in someway to the story. Growing up we had a dog just like Marley, who thought nothing of destroying the house if we were so insensitive t o leave her home. But she was such a good dog, she got forgiven quick snap. I enjoyed Grogan's style of writing, he was quite funny and I think Istarted tote book not thinking I would like it so much, but the balance between Marley stories and Grogan's life were a nice mix, I coiuldn't help but get on the Marlye bandwagon.

18. Body Double by Tess Gerritson - Another author I hadn't read ye, I'm doing quite well with the resolution to read anything and everything this year. This is part of a series that features ME Maura Isles and Det. Jane Rizzoli. It was well written, snappy and kept me interested. Maura comes back from a trip to Paris to be confronted by a murdered woman in her front yard, one that looks exactly like her. She discovers truths about her past and the sister she never knew. Meanwhile, her friend Det. Rizzoli is investigating the murder, while trying to prepare for the birth of her first child. Uncovering the truth could harm Maura and Jane in more ways than one. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

Well that's it for April, I'll have to get the butt into gear and add the rest, sometimes I really wish I had those damn innerwebs at home! Would make my life a whole lot bloody easier I tell ya. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday :)


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