Monday, 13 July 2009

Hottest 100 of all time Part II

Well, the polls are in and it's no suprise really, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana was #1. I love SLTS, but went for Something In The Way instead, I ended up getting 2 of my official picks in #25 Alive by Pearl Jam and #4 Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. Overall, I was happy with the line up, Jeff Buckley kicked ass with four songs and I was well pleased that that Hallelujah made it (#3). I was also very happy that Hurt by Johnny Cash made it at #60.

There was of course a distinct lack of female artists, not sure why, from memory, the only female voice was that of Elizabeth Fraser (of Cocteau Twins - which I've never heard of), from the Massive Attack song Tear Drop #22. I had 3 female artists in my picks, but obviously we're not loving the ladies. Don't ask me why, I could think of a few that I would pick, Laura Marling, Tori Amos, Camille, Madeleine Peyroux, but on the day, I was feeling what I was feeling and I picked mostly boys.

For your listening pleasure, here is the Hottest 100 Of All Time. This is of course was not my doing as I am a lazy beggar, the brilliant @Warlach did this. Check him out if you're on twitter, he's good people and here's the thingy he made, that plays the not a stereo...a Hottest100playlist!!

Enjoy, I know I did :)


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