Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pissed is what I am

Myself and a couple of friends were watching UFC 88 last night - excellent I might add the main event between Chuck Liddell and the other dude (technical I know), was fantastic, just when the other guy was starting to annoy me he TKO's Liddell, it was a brilliant hit, smack right on the chin and down he went. On the whole all the fights were good, although I'm thinking after 88 and 87 I need to rethink my picking strategy. At the moment I go for the guy that's the hottest (bad yes, you can spank me later :), but most of the time it works!), or for the guy I like, anyway lately the hotties have been letting me down...sigh, but I can't seem to say no to them.

But I digress, what's pissing me off you may ask? Hell even if ya didn't I'm still telling ya!!

After UFC we were channel surfing and we ended up watching Hot Docs: Four Wives, One Man on SBS, set in Iran (I think), about this guy and his 4 wives. It makes me so angry, Hels and I were both yelling at the TV, this guy has to be the worst kind of husband, beating them, abusing them, kicking them out of the house and they all take it. I know it's a different culture, but I just don't get it. How can you let someone do that to you? I suppose most of girls raised, especially in Western countries, tend to think that they're not second class citizens. The polygomy thing doesn't bother me, each to their own I say - I can see the benefits of having more than 1 husband...hehehe...happy place...but seriously AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH...I'm that cranky I can't write shit!!!! They know he's an ass, but they won't leave him, the 4th wife said if he got a new wife she would poison her husband and the new wife and kill herself. She said she'd thought of dousing herself in petrol and setting herself alight, it's just sad. It ended with him bringing a new wife home and 4th wife just handing over the keys all defeated, you didn't find out if she did do anything, but my guess is she would have been like the first 3 and done NOTHING. I wonder how long it'll take #5 to realise what a dick her husband is. Then to top it off, the 4th wife is arranging for her 2-3 year old daughter to be married, seriously it's just crazy and it scares me that there are people like this in the world. What kind of mother forces her baby to kiss another child, it's just fucked up is what it is.

Okay I need to stop writing about this because I'm getting madder and madder and I'll end up beating something up. Sorry the majority of this post is a downer, but I just needed to rant.


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