Sunday, 5 October 2008

gerraagh! *Insert scary finger puppet here*

Still dead and still bored, I've found stuff to do, I've done it, now it's back for another very exicting update of bored@your library... ...and there it was - nothings happening. Anyway I thought I'd spicy it up by putting a couple of pics in my post :) YAY!! Hot Boys :p
Well hasn't that brightend things up considerably, I certainly have a smile on my face now. Too bad the opld 'take two hot boys and call me in the morning' isn't working for our computers!! Anyway bout to go have my break, enjoy the piccis, I am :)

Well it's later and nearly closing time and still no WF, at least I'm not working tomorrow so I can rest assured that the huge piles of stuff won't come back to bite me on the ass. Just the kinda desk shift one wants on a quiet Sunday arvo. Mind you I would have much preferred something to do for the last 3 1/2 hours. If only we could get some game consoles for the tweeny area - that would be sweet. It's that time, I need to bust a move and start closing up, enjoy the rest of your Sunday lovelies :)


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