Monday, 29 September 2008

The Waterhole by Graeme Base

Well, I thought it best to add another review to my fiddy books you can't put down, especially since I've on done one other so far - naughty smacks! ;) So here goes, with a little blurb to paints the picture:

"Down to the secret waterhole the animals all come, as seasons bring fourth drought and flood, they gather there as one. United in their common need, their numbers swell to ten, but hidden deep amongst the trees lie ten times that again!"

I've always loved Base's books, the illustrations are fantastic and in such vivid colour. I love that it's not just a book you read, there's counting, puzzels and you actually learn something while reading it. I know, when I was a kid I'd spend ages trying to find all the hidden animals, or just looking at the illustrations (what kid didn't try copying them), all of his books have translated really well through time and they're just as popular, if not more so - especially with the new Animalia tv show, which I must admit freaks me out completely!! Anyway this is a worthy addition to any collection, from books for the littles, right on through until they're older and can enjoy it on their own.


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