Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Well I suck

And how's that review working out I hear ya asking...well it's a work in process matey, a work in progress. I'm getting slacker and slacker, I'll have to devise a reward system where each time I post something I get a cookie or freddo or somat like that! What a splendid idea.

Not much has been happening, I've been all rather low key the last couple of months, working and then working some more. I can't wait until October when it's off to sunny Cairns for moi. I want to go now >:( - and no, trying to use the force didn't work. Baahumbug.

I don't reall have much else to write, so I'll post this and then, of course, I'll do another post tomorrow because I want a cookie. If I don't y'all get to smack me one!


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