Monday, 21 July 2008

It's back to the book learnin'

Well 1st day of spring session started today, so it's back to the grind stone. Looking foward to my subjects, the IT one is all about Web 2.0, so it should be good and my other subject is a children's fiction, at least I don't have 20 books to read for this semester. There were only 2 books I didn't like and 1 I didn't finish, so not to bad old chap, I say!!

King Solomon's Mines, I didn't finish - I couldn't even listen to it, bit to stodgy for me and boring snoring with some of the detail. I don't need in depth descriptions of guns and ammo thanks pet - if I did I buy gun lovah's magazine! I didn't like Catcher in the Rye either. I found the character of Holden annoying, aggrivating and not in the least bit funny. Maybe if I'd read it when I was being all 'I'm a rebellious teenager, hear me roar', now it just serves to piss me off and remind me that there's a slice of my life I'll never get back :( grrrr...

My fist assignment for the IT subject is a blog so that should be nice and easy, now that I'm all one with the Learning 2.o knowledge - let's hope so. I'll be able to try out a few of my tricks I've learnt and perhaps copy n paste some applications, I'm all about the easy when it comes to assignments.

Well I'm off to create a new blog, cya bye :)


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