Thursday, 15 January 2015

Reading Challenges | 2015

I love a good reading challenge - sometimes a little too much.  I'll think to myself that challenge sounds fun, that one will be good and what about that one!  Then I stop, look AND I'm trying to attempt 17 challenges in one year.  And while that would be fantastic, I know I'm not going to finish all of them.  I'm trying to keep it fairly low key again, that seemed to work well for me in 2014.

I still have my Goodreads and Librarything challenges set at 75, I read 144 books in 2014, but I don't think I'll have as much time this year, so I'm not going to bump it up at all.  If I reach 75 books - awesome, but if not, I won't be crying into my Dickens.  I just want to read brilliant books.

So here's a round up of the challenges I'm going to be participating in this year:

Australian Women Writers Challenge - I don't read much by Australian authors, although when I do it tends to be women, so that is a bonus.  I'd like to read 12, roughly one each month.  At this stage I've got a couple picked out, but if you have any fabulous Aussie authors you can recommend - have at it!

1001 Books to read before you die - This is a challenge run on both Goodreads and Librarything.  Each month they have a book that they read and discuss.  I'd like to read 3 books from this list each month, (1 each from the group reads and an extra from my shelves), which will be a total of 36 books.

1001 Books to read before you grow up - This is a challenge on Goodreads, we usually read 2 books a month from the list, a picture book and a chapter book.  So I'm going to read 24 books in 2015.

Writers of Colour Book Club - Another one on Goodreads, there is also a page on Facebook and you can find them on YouTube as well.  This is a monthly group, so there will be 12 books read in 2015.

Reading Bingo Challenge 2015 - Presented by Random House, this year the bingo sheet is all things Canadian, which I'm going to have a go at, (there are 25 squares - I don't think I will finish all of them).  Hello Hemlock is a BookTube channel that reads Canadian authors, so I may be able to find some inspiration there!  Last year there was a more general slant to the bingo, with an Adult and a YA sheet, there were some good options that helped me read some of my Mt. TBR books, so I may print them out and see how I go again this year.

Just a lil' Book Group - This is my staff book group, we usually read 10 books throughout the year, I'd like to read all of our picks this year.  I would be very happy if I could manage that.

You may have noticed, if I manage to complete all the challenges, I'll be reading more than 75 books - no I'm not bad at Maths (ok I am), but this is my guide, I'd like to keep coming back to it throughout the year and see how I'm going with my reading, if I'm managing to read what I set out to, or if I've gone off on a tangent.  If I did finish all of the books YAY!

So what are your reading plans this year?  Do you keep a list of what you've read or do you just go with the flow and read whatever catches your eye?  Let me know.  Please let me know and don't forget to add any recommendations.

*** I just reread through this, I like how my 'low key' reading includes 6+ challenges, and it's not even the end of January.  Very low key, well done Cathy. ***

Until next time, happy reading.


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