Sunday, 27 April 2014

Readathon Hour 23

With just over an hour left of the readathon, I thought I'd do a very quick update, I finished why we broke up earlier.  I had to go into work for an hour, so rather than miss out on reading, I started listening to Mockingjay on playaway.  I also listened to some of The Book Thief in the car, driving there and back.  And since I wanted to show some cheer love to my fellow readers, I kept listening rather than starting to read The 100 like planned.  Go Team Bronte!!  I'm really enjoying Mockingjay so far and the tiny bit of The Book Thief - Rudy ;) I need to say more?

Currently reading: Mockingjay & The Book Thief
Books finished: Why we broke up
Pages read: 135 - MJ, THB - 26
Running total of pages read: 515
Amount of time spent reading:  ??
Running total of time spent reading: ??
Snacks: Coffee, fruit, coffee, chocolate, coffee, chips and I'm about to breakout the Tim Tams - it's getting serious up in here!!  And did I mention the coffee?! O.O

Until the final update, happy reading, keep going y'all can do it!!


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