Thursday, 20 September 2012

Getting sidetracked

I'm never short of things to read, in fact right now I have a nice stack of new releases just waiting for me to pick them up and settle in. But here's the thing, I'm reading a M&B from 2003. I've got a stack of them, a lady returned them at work the other day and I was all 'WHOA! I must has. I must has right now!'. They're not from authors I read and admittedly, I don't read a lot of M&B, but these just caught my eye.

One features Jake, who's late for a house party and dammit, Marin you're going to be his date whether you like it or not! Then there's a Greek tycoon and also a firefighter, who's hair I liked, (really, that's my sole reason for picking it).

Either way, I'm hoping that this weekend I'll be motivated to delve into the other stack, I've got two Maya Banks (KGI series), two Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor) and a Lori Foster series to finish. And then there's my growing stack of ARRC2013 authors that I'd like to read, some that I'm familiar with and some that I haven't tried before. I can't wait for next March - what are the odds that I'll have finished all the books that I bought from last years conference. I'm thinking I've got buckleys of finishing everything.

Like I said...I really am behind on all the reading I need to do.


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