Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sloppy Jones. Wonder cat, part time puppy & fearless defender of the 'hood.

Here's my girl, in her fave position, next to me in bed. I read, she sleeps.  It's a hard life, being a cat.
I think it's official - Sloppy has gone for good.  I'd been hoping she would just turn up one day, be there meowing her displeasure at being kept waiting by her inept human.  But it's been around two months now and I've not seen her at all.  She hadn't been well, a constant cold and mouth ulcer had been annoying her for weeks, plus she'd been loosing weight.  I'm terribly sad, she was such a lovely cat.  She used to drive me barking with all her meowing.  I think she was the loudest, most expressive cat I'd ever met, not to mention her belief that she was a rather large dog.  Wil and Sam can now relax - no more getting beaten up by a cat!  But for all my annoyance, I would never trade her in.  I miss her lots and wish she was here.  I loves you moo shoo, to the moon and back.

Sloppy kicking back on my lap.

Cheers to the best meow in the world, Sloppy xoxo


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