Saturday, 2 July 2011

When life gets in the way...

I can't believe it is now July, over halfway through the year.  I remember, when  I was younger it seemed like it took ages for the year to come to a close - granted my events for marking the year were birthdays, Easter and Christmas.  But now, it seems like the years pass quicker, blink and you miss it!  Something I'm not entirely happy with.

I've been absent for the last couple of months, pretty much everywhere - okay not everywhere, I'm still chained to my desk at work, (not literally, that would be bad OH&S), but I've been busy with that, with uni, my Mum's been unwell and my cat, the lovely Sloppy Jones, has gone missing and by missing I think she's gone to that big catnip filled field in the sky.  She had been sick, with something that the vet couldn't identify, thus couldn't treat.  Which was frustrating to no end.  But I sure do miss her little quacking sneezing, which heralded her entry into a room.  She was an awesome cat.

I've now kinda depressed myself.  So quick - subject change - what else have I been doing - reading the first six books in the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh.  Which I am loving so far.  Great writing, I love the world building, the characters, the smexy times, where the author is taking the series, I've got four books until I'm up to date.  I love the whole damn angsty, sweaty, sexy world.  I'm a bit behind the ball on reading this series, it's been around for awhile and I was always going to read them, just later.  But I met Nalini at ARRC2011 and thought she's awesome, I'm going to read her books.  Now.  And I'm so glad I did.

Apart from that, not a lot has been going down, just life in general, which always gets in the way of all the stuff I want to do.  Hopefully I can juggle work, uni and the blog, I'm behind on reviews I need to do at the moment,  too bad life isn't an episode of I Dream of Jeanie - it would make it all so much easier!

Have a great weekend guys, get out and play in the sun while you can.


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