Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Books I've Read in 2009 - October

Sigh, back to Australia and reality.

58. Prey by Rachel Vincent – Book four werecats.

I had to wait until we got to London to get this! And it didn't disappoint me. This continues Faythe and Matt's story, with

59. The Quickie by James Patterson

Quite predicatble, although I still enjoyed it. I do like Patterson, although I’ve not read a lot of Patterson’s books. I do prefer his Cross series more.

60. Not a Star by Nick Hornby

61. Daniel X by James Patterson

Fantastic graphic novel, liked the illustrations.

62. My Soul to take by Rachel Vincent

Good teen book, with Banshees and first love - what a combo. I quite liked Vincent turn at YA.

63. Heroes Vol. 1

I think I actually like reading this more than watching the TV show, lest repetition and lots of other characters and stories that are not on the show. I also like the back story that I’ve gotten from reading them. This is the first graphic novels in the series, I’m waiting for volume two now.


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