Saturday, 27 December 2008

Weekly Hot Boy.

With all the crazy stuff that's been going on I haven't had time to add much stuff to my blog, but I thought I would at least put another picture up and I know I've already had Robert Pattinson, but he's just sooo darn cute and I'm totally in lust, so here's another one :) Thanks to the ladies at the Robert Pattinson Life blog...I was rather naughty and stole it for my own...I'd be totally happy to receive some sort of punishment...perhaps if they sent a certain hot boy round to spank me???? lol.

Anyway I hope you had a lovely Christmas, ours was very quiet and just surreal, I kept on expecting to see Poppa. But sadly I didn't. The funeral was on Monday and as sad as it was it was great - not so much a funeral (or a mourning of someones passing), but a celebration of Poppa's life. When I get a chance, I'll have to put the pictures from Poppa's book on here, they are just brilliant. He was such a fantastic photographer, so talented - he didn't have the luxury of digital photography and it doesn't matter because, boy, did he know how to take a photo. I'd be happy to be as half as talented as what he was.

Anyway, I'm going to post this and think about getting to bed - it's nearly 2:30 and I should be asleep. Sweet dreams and enjoy your day when it arrives :)


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