Monday, 3 December 2007

I'm all over the place today, trying to finish Learning 2.0. I've just joined and I love the fact that you can be browsing a site, decide you like it, click on 'tag', write a description and add some tags and viola it's added! Noice!

I think this would be a great tool to have access to, my biggest with this is the setup, joinging is easy, but having to create all the bookmarks and tags would be time consuming. I pilfered from other peeps bookmarky thingys. I would also be interested to know how often I would use this for my uni course or wether I would use something like Rollyo more. I'm off to explore Technorati - so expect more posts today!

I'm also rather annoyed with myself - I set up a Library Thing account in October and now I can't remember what my blooming user name or password is - baahumbug!! And here I was thinking that I'd added all of the user name/passwords to all the thingys that I've joined since starting Learning 2.0

Grrrrrrrr...jane fonda breath...jane fonda breath...jane fonda breath...ahhhh....better...


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