Thursday, 10 September 2015

Book Review | Hot SEAL by Lynn Raye Harris

Navy SEAL Dane “Viking” Erikson has sworn off women—or at least he’s sworn off one woman: DEA Agent Ivy McGill. His ex-wife. 

But when they’re forced to work together on a critical military mission, Dane can’t help but notice how the one woman he shouldn’t want is the only one he can’t stop thinking about. 

Ivy knows what it’s like to fall for a SEAL’s hard muscles and killer smile—and she knows what it’s like when everything falls apart. So why is she naked against a wall and begging Dane for more?

The 9th book in the Hostile Operations Team series and the 1st in the HOT SEAL series.  While this is a spin-off it opens up more avenues for the continuation of the series with both new and existing characters.  I'm excited to see where the addition of a SEAL team will take the series.  This novella is a perfect introduction for our new characters. 

You don't have to have read the other books in the series, but I do recommend that you don't start with this book, simply because it gives away the pairings of couples from earlier books and there are possible spoilers.  But I also think that because the series has a number of books (this will make 9), that it's more enjoyable and you get a better picture of the dynamics of the team, the over arching story line that is weaved throughout the books if you do read them in order.  Each book ends with a satisfying finish, but there is the 'Big Bad' which the members of HOT continue to fight.

I'm a sucker for second chances, I'm not quite sure what it is, (maybe I am a big softie at heart), but I like it.  Especially when you have characters that have had a relationship before and let's get real - I read romance - I'm a sucker for a HEA!!  The prologue starts five years ago and it sets Dane & Ivy up, just married, completely in love, blazin' up the sheets and VERY hot for each other.  I was looking forward to them meeting up again and I wasn't disappointed.  

From the first time Dane & Ivy reunited I was 'pass the popcorn, this is about to get good'.  I had a big dopey grin on my face and I just knew he was going to be a shit stirrer :) 

      "She didn't expect him to be looking at her, or maybe she did.  He didn't know, but he didn't look away.  Instead, he gave her a slow grin.  And then he winked."

They both have baggage to work through, their relationship didn't have closure and even though it'll make their mission messy, they can't stay away from each other.  What can I say - sexy complications are the best kind.  I'm pretty sure I say this in each of my HOT reviews, but I love that the heroines are strong, sassy and can get shit done.  Ivy is that in spades, she is a take no crap, get shit done DEA agent. She's proud of the work she does and I love that she isn't a damsel in distress.  And Dane...lord do I love a military hero.  He's alpha, but not overbearing and I love that even though they've both hurt each other, as soon as Ivy needs it, Dane is there to help.

I mentioned the team before and I loved revisiting them.  I get the sense that they are lots of fun, I think I could stand to spend some weekend BBQ time with them.

      "I know you will, you ornery Cajun motherfucker."  "Can't wait to see you."  "Easy does it sir.  I'm spoken for."

I love that with the spin-off series we are getting some new characters.  I'm interested to see more of Ace, Ivy's partner, and the rest of Dane's SEAL team.  The focus was on our H & H, but I'm sure we will see more of the team in the future.  And Mendez!!  Mendez is going to be the death of me when he finally gets his own story!!  I really hope it's soon.

I'd definitely recommend this series, it has fast become one of my favorite to read and if you love military romance, hotboys being sexy badass hotboys, with a side of snark & sass this is the book for you.

*** I received an ARC of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Until next time, happy reading :)


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