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Accidents & Incidents by Riley Graham

Accidents & IncidentsAccidents & Incidents by Riley Graham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm giving this book 3.5 stars.

I received a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed Accidents & Incidents, I'd been reading some heavy going books at the same time and this was perfect to pick up and just enjoy. Each of the characters was dealing with something in their life, but it wasn't too angsty or drama filled, which I liked. Just because a book is YA doesn't mean it has to be drama 24-7 for no particular reason...(I'm looking at you HoN)...

Leslie had an authentic teen voice and I felt like the school/party scenes were realistic, although Cain's father always being at his parties was weird; besides the drunken skeeze factor and rapey vibes he was giving out, I don't know of any parties I went to where Dad was playing bar master. That being said, it did give a little insight into Cain's future, especially if he keeps on the path he was when the book finished.

I was glad that Leslie didn't take things further with Cain, he was an asshat and I would've lost respect for her if she had. I feel for Leslie, it seems like the people who are supposed to care the most keep letting her down, so I'm glad that Dennis comes along. Despite his past (and the fact that he no longer drives), he seems like he's coping well with his issues - say compared to Cain. You do get a little information into his past, but not a lot, personally I would've liked more, but it didn't detract from my understanding or likeing of Dennis.

That being said, I would've like to have seen the storyline with Meredith's sister explored more, it may have ramped up the angst a little, but it would've been great to see that fully explored, to me it was mentioned in passing and it felt a little like it was wrapped up easily, tied up at the finish of the book with a bow and there's your HEA. I wanted more.

I am hoping that there will be more books with these characters to follow, I would love to find out more about Dennis and see how Leslie and him fare. I'd also like to see how her relationship with her mum develops (view spoiler)

I'd recommend this to those who want a contempory YA that isn't too angsty, but that still has issues and an interesting story.

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