Friday, 20 July 2012

TGIF!! Again!

It's that wonderful time again - Friday :)  There is the little matter of me having to work for a couple of hours tomorrow morning, but apart from that, my day is free.  As well as some frolicking with my girl Maggie, I'll be relaxing.

I'm planning on catching up with some reading for uni, I've got a stack of magazines, the latest KGI novel, Echoes at Dawn by Maya Banks to start.  I am loving the series so far and am so excited for the next in the series, Shades of Gray - which isn't out until next year.  Luckily I'll have a novella to keep me entertained in between.  Because of course I shall be buying NO other books until then!  I will have to bargain with myself so that I get my uni texts out of the way first!

Click here for print version and here for kindle :)

I also have the rest of Haven to watch.  Which I've really been enjoying, I'm only onto the first season, so hopefully it keeps going for a while.  I keep finding series that I love, and then they only last for one or two seasons O.o

I've also got a new recipe I'm going to try, (Golden Syrup Pecan Self Saucing Pudding) - thanks to last weeks Friday Feasts over at Cathryn Hein's blogLexxie Couper was the guest blogger and I - lil' old me managed to win a title from Lexxie's back catalogue, which is a big huzzah for me.  I'm leaning towards some Savage Retribution...what do you guys think?

What's everyone else up to?  Have you got your #weekendreads sorted or are you winging it?  Any new authors you're going to try or can recommend?  I'm going to try get through some more of my free kindle books, I keep getting the freebies, then reading other things and I'm really falling behind in my reading this year.  So slack!  But until I can become a trophy wife and marry for money, I have to keep working for The Man.  *snort* just the thought of it makes me laugh.

Have a fantastic weekend.


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