Thursday, 27 October 2011

Take the Cake by Sandra Wright

This review was originally published on the Australia Romance Readers Association blog.

Sometimes you just have to take life one cupcake at a time.  A story of delicious cupcakes and sweet, sweet romance. 

Kate Shannon is happy with the way things are. She has no love life to speak of, but what she does have is a successful cupcake shop in Greenwich Village. Michael Forrester has gone from enjoying the thrill of success to wallowing in the depths of despair. After writing a number of critically acclaimed novels, he has writer’s block.
What happens next is what you get when you combine friendship, cupcakes and good coffee with a substance called ‘the eternal breath’, all mixed up in a city like New York. Forget what you know about love, and Take the Cake.

What initially drew me to this book was all the cupcake action and the promise of a fun contemporary romance. Not only did Ms Wright deliver, but I got a great story, with lots of laughs and characters I enjoyed reading about. I loved the daily ritual of Wren’s quote fitting the girls’ moods and Kate’s matching cupcake. The banter between them and Emily, one of the other girls who works in the cafĂ©, was well written and believable. I could see myself working there—Ms Wright captures the day to day well. Take the Cake reminded me of that perfect romantic comedy that we all love to watch. It was lots of fun to read. I also enjoyed the blossoming secondary romance between Wren and Michael’s friend David.

The build up between Kate and Michael was how I like to eat my cupcakes—in small bites, starting from the bottom and saving that tooth achingly sweet icing for last. Both were likeable characters and you wanted them to find their HEA. Overall, Take the Cake was lots of fun and well written, and I look forward to more by Sandra Wright. And for those cupcake aficionados out there, check out Sandra’s website—there are recipes for the cupcakes mentioned in the book.


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