Sunday, 30 January 2011

Weekly Hotboy - Australian Edition

In honour of Australia Day, which was last Wednesday for the unbelievers here's some Aussie manflesh, hot - just the way we like 'em!

First up is Ryan Kwanten, he's best known in America for True Blood, Summerland, but in Australia, he'll always be Vinnie to us! Okay, maybe not to me, I've watched him in TRue Blood mainly, which is the perfect place to watch him really - he often gets nekkid! Then there's Flicka, he's just so darn cute in it, not to mention Tim McGraw and hello, pony show!

Then there's Chris Hemsworth, another Home and Awayer, he was Capt. Kirk's papa and now he's Thor, the preview of which is fantastic - check it out.
Until next time, enjoy the hotness and stay classy


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