Friday, 3 December 2010


Here's my November reading - hardly finished anything this month - I've got another 4 or 5 books I started in November, but I got sidetracked. I thought I'd put all my reviews in with this post so sorry it's all a bit random :)

111. The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest by Stieg Larsson

Wow, I’ve finally finished the Millennium Trilogy. The start was a bit slow in this book, but goodness the story really revved up from the middleish onwards. My fave character was Lisbeth, so I was glad when the story focused on her moreso. I was continually getting confused with characters names - which was frustrating, but I don't think took away from my enjoyment. Despite Mikke’s apparent ‘animal magnetism’ to the ladies *snigger* -- I found his jumping into bed with another lady a bit tiresome, (he's journalisms answer to James Bond) and I'm sure a throw back to Larssons inner 14 year old boy - who wouldn't want 'teh ladies' falling all over them. From now on Mikke shall be called LL Cool M. I'm glad I read the series, even with all the hype, I enjoyed them regardless of what everybody thought. Did I think they were the greatest thing ever - no, and I'll probably not read them again, but I did have lots of fun reading them.

112. The Elusive Bride by Stephanie Laurens

This is the 2nd book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I quite enjoyed this, although I'm reading it out of order it hasn't been hard to follow the story, when I'd finished The Brazen Bride, I remember reading somewhere that there was too much smexy time in it, but this kinda seemed to have the same amount - the difference being, I think, is that in this story the lady isn't so forward about her liking for the horizontal mambo. As with the third book, there isn't a lot of explanation of who the bad guys are, or what it is they've done, just that they're evil, nefarious and wear lots of black - oohh, maybe they're models! But I did enjoy the action, lots of swashbuckling fun and games.

113. Hot Rocks by Nora Roberts

Laine and Jenny reminded me of Sookie and Loralai from Gilmore Girls and the banter bwtween Laine and Max was well written. This was a good fun read. I'm enjoying going through Roberts' stand alone titles, I've read a few of her older titles, they're light and fluffy and perfect for decompressing my brain between uni reading. It’s somehow part of the In Death series with Det. Eve Dallas – which I don’t quite get since that’s set in the future. Apparently this was previously published as Remember When, Part 1. I did try to work it all out but I was in danger of my head exploding.

114. Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

The first in the Alex Rider series, I've read the Spy High series, but this was much more enjoyable. Both in plot and character. Obviously there is total suspension of reality - metal eating paste disguised as acne cream - but it was lots of fun to read. I still hold out hope that they’ll make the rest into movies. Either way, I'll happily be finishing the rest of the series!


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