Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dragon Prime by Lora Leigh

He is a Prime Warrior of the Dragon Clan. An alien on Earth. Fighting a battle that could tip the balance between two separate worlds. But now his greatest mission isn’t the battle, or the blood of the enemy. It’s the love of one woman’s heart. One he’s lost once already and vows he will not lose again.

This is another book I've read for my Erotica Romance Reading Challenge 2010. While I do love me some Lora Leigh, this was definately not my fave. This was a little more science fictioney than her breeds series, (don't ask me the difference between shagging an alien or a man/lion hybrid - I know both options aren't a reality, I can't explain it!).

There are the standard - alpha hero that won't let anything stand in the way of getting the woman and the feisty lady who has been running from him. But for some reason this wasn't doing it for me this time. Maybe if I'd read the Wizard Twins books (which are loosely connected0, I may have liked this more. But over all, while this still had Lora's smexy romps and her witty one liners there was no happy ending for moi - unlike our hero & heroine, they go off like nobodies bid'ness!

I would recommend instead you check out her Breeds series if you like your erotica with a science fictioney edge, or her contempory 'Nauti' series. Which is one of her best in my opinion. Her 'Bound Hearts' is another excellent series, although I would say don't read the last two they were nowhere near as good a the earlier ones written for Ellora's Cave.

Happy endings to one and all!


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