Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hippy New Year (March is the new January!)

It's been awhile folks, how was the end of '09 for you? It's been that long I can hardly remember! Christmas was good, rather quiet, I stayed in Mildura, as the boys were over from the UK and it was Holly's Christening. Apart from that and eating WAY to much crap, not much happened - good Christmas all in all. New Year was celebrated with copious amounts of bubbles, a heart attack (Rustyn was introduced to sparklers - NEVER AGAIN!! Or at least until he is old and I can't see him playing with them), Scary!! He of course thought it was hilarious to chase everyone around with said sparkler.

But now I'm off to Office Works, gotta buy stuff for Uni, looking forward to this semester, I'm doing electives Children's Services and Marketing so it'll make a nice change to more Management subjects.


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