Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Almost in Europe!!

I've been flat chat organising stuff for the European vacation, so have been neglectful of my bloggin duties, hopefully with my netbook, I can catch up on the usual stuff here and blog bout travel stuff on Cathy & Asha's European Vacation. Will we ever have a doozy about the Virgin transfers from Adelaide to Melbourne, but of course I'll save it, plus I only have 6 mins left on my time of the innerwebs.

So looking forward to the trip, it'll be my fist overseas adventure. I of course think I've over packed but, you can never be too prepared I'm sure someone's mother once said. I'm still stressed at the moment as I don't have enough reading material I'm sure, I'd take a whole nother suitcase of books if I could. But I'm sure I'll be able to muddle through with what I've got. Fingers crossed they have good movies on the plane, I'll be able to add to my reviews, which have been sadly lacking of late, not really for lack of trying, just lack of time.

Anyway I've got 3 min left and I'm worried that it'll take a while for this to load, so until Milan cyabye!!

C. :D

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