Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Back to reality...sigh...

Well my holidays are over, time to get back to work and catch up on all the learning I've missed. I so wasn't going to attempt using the internet - I'm way to spolit by fast connections to wait!!

And my how patient you've been, waiting for the answer to my last little ditty...the answer is Evaporated milk. Funny I am yes, just ask me.

I've been playing on Flickr today, what a great site. I like the idea of the Tags, makes life much easier when searching. I found some photos from Yarra Plenty Learning 2.0 launch which was great and had a look at photos put on by staff here at Mildura, I will have to get the digital camera out and have a bash myself.

Well it's nearly beer o'clock so I'll sign off and chat again later, happy blogging y'all. (Yes, inside there's a redneck just bustin to get out!!).


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